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Special Products Services Incorporated (SPS) can customize our services to meet your needs. Listed below are just some to the services we offer:

• Collating
Manual collating, stitching as we collate, and add collating by machine are types of collating available. After collation we will assemble and hand package kits, giving you a completed product. Finished products are always shipped per the instruction of clients, thus ensuring compliance with their procedures.

• Paper Drilling
Our drilling equipment is able to perform Single Hole to Multiple Hole function. Taking it a step further, we can complete a job by adding a pinning process.

• Bagging
Our bagging capabilities include over-wrap bagging and pre-formed bagging. Both styles include counting and inserting product capabilities during the bagging process. The over-wrapping size range from 2” to 5” wide and lengths up to 7”. Pre-formed bagging size ranges from 2” to 10” wide with length determine by preformed bag length.

Shrink-wrapping will enable you to send a certain amount of product to your customers in a neatly packaged form.

We can laminate up to a 28” x 48” sheet. This sevices is ideal for companies needing window displays, menus or other items needing lamination.

• Mounting
SPS can mount any pre-printed sheet to a board as a per customer’s specifications. The size capabilities are up to 22” x 36” sheets. This is ideal for such projects as brochure display boards, and stand up displays, etc.

Our thermoforming department specializes in protoype and short-run production. We are capable of producing prototype molds or can work with customer provided molds.

• Product Assembly
Hand assembly of your product in packet or kit form, as per your specifications.